About us

Fane Valley Feeds is one of the largest feed manufacturers in Northern Ireland with an annual production capacity in excess of 300,000 tonnes. The Fane Valley Feed mills are committed to producing the highest quality dairy, beef, sheep, pig and poultry feeds formulated to meet the needs of individual farmers.

Delivering Provincewide

With manufacturing sites in Omagh and Newry, and a modern and efficient fleet of delivery vehicles, Fane Valley Feeds is well positioned to service Northern Ireland and the border counties of Louth, Monaghan, Cavan, Leitrim, Sligo and Donegal.

Our Commitment to Quality

With the most modern animal feed manufacturing facilities in Europe, Fane Valley Feeds is committed to manufacturing the highest quality feeds for our customers. Both our Omagh and Newry sites operate to UFAS manufacturing standards and our delivery fleet is TASCC assured.

On-site we have modern laboratory facilities, where stringent quality standards are applied to all raw materials at intake and to all our products during manufacture.

Excellence in Everything You Do...

Our on-farm sales advisers and technical support team are on hand to provide the highest level of nutritional support for our customers across all livestock sectors, with the ability to deliver feed plans using the latest technology to suit every situation and needs.

Growing Better Together

As part of the Fane Valley Co-Operative Society, Fane Valley Feeds is focused on the development of a sustainable feed business to assist our farmer shareholders in the growth and development of their business into the 21st century.  Our investment in the Omagh mill highlights our commitment to the Northern Ireland agricultural industry.